UMVD of Russia on the Trans-Baikal Territory

The Trans-Siberian Railway The additional Chinese Eastern Railway was constructed as the Russo-Chinese part of the Trans-Siberian Railway, connecting Russia with China and providing a shorter route to Vladivostok. To defend the central territory and prevent possible social destabilisation.

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labor was ancient and certainly not confined to Russia; it had been a confiscation of church lands and wealth and a campaign to promote atheism, resulted in Most of its work concerned expansion of the Trans-Siberian, Trans-Baikal and MVD Directorate for Corrective-Labor Camps and Colonies (UITLK.

Jan 31, 2019 Note that according to the Russian legislation for the production and sale of is also mentioned in the UMVD report on the Primorsky Territory.

The analysis of Transbaikal Region population's opinions on the activities of internal Council under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Transbaikal Region, Plany raboty Obshchestvennogo soveta UMVD Rossii po Zabaikal'skomu deyatel'nosti territorial'nykh organov Ministerstva vnutrennikh del Rossiiskoi .

  • The Transbaikal Military District (Russian: Забайкальский военный округ) was a military district of first the Soviet Armed Forces and then the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, formed on May 17, 1935 and included the Buryat Republic, Chita Oblast, and Yakutia.


  • 19. Jahrhundert. The History of Mining Schools in Russia in the l$h and 19th Century dent, from the conservative SE Asia and Arab lands to innovative Translation by: R.R.Franco fangenen 450 km der Baikal- Amur- Eisenbahn, was bis zu 7 21,98 Rubeln in den Lagern des MVD-UMVD, 14,98. Rubeln in den .

  • The TransBaikal Host in the Russian Civil War. In June 1918 Semënov already had about 5,000 men, and he and Czechs cleared the Trans-Baikal region of all formal Red forces from July to September. In fact the Red Army continued to send units east of this line from time to time, as the division between Soviet Russia.

  • VLADIVOSTOK, 19 Okt – news. the Tiger who was spotted in Vladivostok, most likely, the same one that in early October, ran across the road in the town of Artem, Primorsky Krai, told RIA Novosti Director of the far Eastern branch of the center “Amur tiger” Sergei Aramilev. the Tiger who was spotted in Vladivostok, most likely.

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Zabaykalsky Krai (Russian: Забайкальский край, tr. Zabajkaljskij kraj, IPA: [zəbɐjˈkalʲskʲɪj kraj], lit. "(The) Transbaikal krai") is a federal subject of Russia (a krai) that was Mongolic-related Slab Grave cultural monuments are found in Baikal territory. The territory of Zabaykalsky Krai has been governed by the Xiongnu .

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Transbaikal, Trans-Baikal, Transbaikalia or Dauria (Даурия, Dauriya) is a mountainous region to the east of or "beyond" (trans-) Lake Baikal in Russia. Zabaykalsky Krai and makes up nearly all of the territory of these two federal subjects. Network Information.