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MASS EFFECT: Top 10 Morality Decisions. Our continued coverage of the upcoming release of Mass Effect 3 takes a swerve backwards to look at the ten most important, and potentially game-changing.

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The next moral quandary could be resolved in a virtuous manner, but it would not remove or scrub out the consequences or redeem me of my previous malicious act (as it might in a game such as Fallout 3 or KoTOR). Everything had its appropriate consequence. Mass Effect 2 looks promising.

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  1. Morality | The basis for a good start Mass Effect Guide. 0. 1 Comment. 3. 7 Mass Effect is not Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. You can't stand neither.

  2. For Mass Effect 3, see Morality Guide (Mass Effect 3). Contents This page is intended to show the exact conversation and/or action triggers to receive Paragon and Renegade. “This mission just got a lot more complicated.”.

  3. Feb 17, 2012 Moralilty is a key part of your Commander Shepard's story in each of Mass Effect's story lines. Morality defines who your character is and the .

  1. See also: Morality Guide, Morality Guide (Mass Effect 2), Morality Guide (Mass Effect 3), Morality Guide (Mass Effect: Infiltrator) Morality is measured in the .

  2. Jan 14, 2015 But it's much more morally upstanding than it claims. Early in Mass Effect 3, it's possible to run into Kelly Chambers, Shepard's yeoman from .

  3. This article is about Morality in Mass Effect 3. For Morality in Mass Effect, see Morality Guide. For Morality in Mass Effect 2, see Morality Guide (Mass Effect 2). Contents This No moral gain or reputation points for any decisions. Priority: Cerberus Headquarters.

In our sub, "OT" stands for "Original Trilogy," and refers to Mass Effect 1-3, excluding Andromeda. Is the ME3/MEA multiplayer still active? Yes. Please visit r/MECoOp. Which DLC should I get? Spoilers [Mass Effect 2, Spoilers] How the hell does the morality system.

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