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Torbeyevo (Russian: Торбе́ево, Moksha: Тарбей) is an urban locality (a work settlement) and the administrative center of Torbeyevsky District in the Republic of Mordovia, Russia. As of the 2010 Census , its population was 9,373.

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Find out information about Mordovian Republic. or , constituent republic , c.10,000 sq mi , E European Russia. Once a densely forested steppe, it consists of the Volga upland in the east and the Oka-Don. Explanation of Mordovian Republic.

  • Mordovia overview. The Republic of Mordovia is a federal subject of Russia located in the center of the European part of the country, in the Volga Federal District .

  • (Placename) a constituent republic of W central Russia, in the middle Volga basin. Capital: Saransk. Pop: 888 700 (2002). Area: 26 200 sq km (10 110 sq miles). Also called: Mordovian Republic or Mordovia Want to thank TFD for its existence? Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit.

  • Mordovia (Russian: Мордо́вия mahr-DOH-vee-yuh) is a region in the Middle Volga, The Moksha live primarily in the west of the republic; the Erzya in the north .

  • Umyot (Russian: Умёт) is an urban locality (a work settlement) in Zubovo-Polyansky District of the Republic of Mordovia, Russia. As of the 2010 Census, .

  • Republic of Mordovia - History - Russian Rule. Russian Rule. When Ivan IV of Russia annexed the Khanate of Kazan in 1552, the Mordvin lands were subjugated to the Russian tsars. The Mordvin elite rapidly adopted Russian language and customs, whereas 1821 saw the publication of the New Testament in Erzya to address the non-elite population. In rural areas, Mordvin culture was preserved.

mordovcement is the biggest cement company in the russian federation. The Mordovcement plant is the flagship of cement production in Russia, producing an extremely wide range of high-quality products.

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  1. In 1930 Mordoviya was made an autonomous oblast (region), and from 1934 to 1991 it was an autonomous republic of the Soviet Union. The chief cities are Saransk, Ardatov, Ruzayevka, and Kovylkino. The chief cities are Saransk, Ardatov, Ruzayevka, and Kovylkino.

  2. Mordovia is a multinational republic with a rich history and a unique national culture. This is where you can discover the traditions of the most populous Finno-Ugric peoples in Russia and see the collection of "the Russian Rodin"—the Mordovian sculptor Stepan Erzia.

  3. Saransk has several theaters: a drama theater (founded in 1961), a State Puppet Theater of the Republic of Mordovia, and a comedy theater. It also has a regional history museum and a museum of painting. The Mordovian State University (founded in 1957) is located in Saransk as well as several technical schools.

Jan 10, 2006 Republic of Mordovia (13 rus), center — Saransk. It is situated in the center of the European part of Russian Federation, in the basin of River .

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The Republic of Mordovia ( Russian : Респу́блика Мордо́вия , tr. Respublika Mordoviya; IPA: ; Moksha / Erzya : Мордовия Республикась, Mordovija Respublikaś), also known in English as Mordvinia , is a federal subject of Russia (a republic ). Its capital is the city of Saransk As of the 2010 Census.