Education Department of Mogilev City Executive Committee

Mogilev City Executive Committee, 1948-1992 Published articles and radio programs by the Archive's staff Surveys of fonds (record groups) Fond 339: Mogilev Region Agriculture Administration, 1938-1941, 1943-1971: Fond 812 : Mogilev Region Statistics Administration of the BSSR Central Statistics Administration, 1943-1967: Subject databases. Persons who were in German captivity in WWII Persons.From January 1, 1993, official documents issued by state institutions of the Republic of Belarus for use on the territory of foreign states should be legalized in the prescribed manner. For the states parties to the Hague Convention of October 10, 1961, which repeals the requirements of legalizatio.

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  • State Bodies and Organizations of Belarus The Minsk City Executive Committee; Vitebsk Oblast Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee; Gomel Oblast Gomel Oblast Executive Committee; Grodno Oblast Grodno Oblast Executive Committee; Minsk Oblast. Minsk Oblast Executive Committee; Mogilev Oblast. Mogilev Oblast Executive Committee; Free Economic Zones. Free Economic Zone Brest; Free Economic.The development of culture and education among the peoples of the USSR has a centuries-old history. The first schools, which were affiliated with churches and monasteries, appeared as early as the fourth and fifth centuries in Georgia and Armenia. A school of higher rhetoric—the Colchis.

  • Feb 12, 2019 Main Administration of Justice of Minsk City Executive Committee. (Minsk Main Department of Justice of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee. (Mogilev, ul. on documents originating from educational institutions.Jul 2, 2018 1990 — 1997: Svetlogorsk City Executive Committee, first deputy Chairman Graduated from Higher Military Anti-Aircraft Defense School on Health Department of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee; chief .

  • Regional divisions. Central Department of Internal Affairs of Minsk City Executive Committee. Department of Internal Affairs of Brest Region Executive Committee.Ministry of Education. Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection. Ministry of Industry Ministry of Communications and Informatization Ministry of Agriculture and Food - Veterinary and Food Control Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus - Department for Land Reclamation and Water Industry - Department for Bread Products. Ministry.

  • Office of Public Prosecutor of the Republic the National assembly of the Republic of Belarus of the Department of Internal Affairs of Mogilev regional executive committee Committee by education of the Minsk city executive committee .Letters of commendation were presented to Natalya Antonovich, associate professor of the Belarusian and Russian linguistics chair of the Primary Education Department at the Maxim Tank Belarusian.

  • Mogilev · Historic images of Mogilev · Mogilev Jewish Center · Jewish Encyclopedia on Moghilef .The Muslim organization, the Spiritual Office of Muslims, was established in 2002 or the Minsk City Executive Committee handle all application requests. the exclusive right to establish religious educational institutions, invite foreigners to the mayor had yet to implement this order, claiming that the Mogilev city council, .

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MINSK, 15 January (BelTA) – Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has approved the appointment of new local executives, BelTA has learned. Former heads of the Zavodskoy District and Frunzensky.Health Department of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee. Address: city Mogilev, Pervomayskaya, 71. Hot line: (0222) 27-36-42. Electronic circulation (0222) 27-36-42. Send email. More information. Vitebsk region Health Department of Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee. Address: 6 Gogol St., Vitebsk. Hot line: (0212) 47-40-70. Electronic circulation (0212) 47-40-70. Send email.

Links to the web-sites of Belarusian government and state resources.Mogilev to host trampoline competition 3-7 December. MOGILEV, 1 December (BelTA) – Double Twist, the open national trampoline and tumbling competition for the prizes of Tatyana Petrenya, Honored Master of Sports, a participant of Olympic Games in Athens, Beijing, London, and Rio, will take place in Mogilev’s Palace of Gymnastics.

In particular, new Education Minister and Labor and Social Security Minister of Belarus were appointed. Igor Karpenko was named the Education Minister of Belarus and Valery Malashko – Labor and Social Security Minister of Belarus. The main ideologist of Minsk City Executive Committee and head of the Communist Party of Belarus, Igor Karpenko was appointed the Education Minister instead.Main State Authorities; Ministries; State Committees; State Concerns Mogilev Regional Executive Committee · Mogilev city executive committee · Belynichi .

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Minsk is the most economically developed city in Belarus. Minsk with the largest cities in Belarus: Orsha, Vitebsk, Molodechno, Brest, Slutsk, Mogilev and Gomel. Education in Minsk Academy of Management of the President of the Republic of Belarus The main post office in Minsk Minsk City Executive Committee.Main State Authorities. President of the Republic of Belarus; National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus. Council of the Republic; National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus.